Ashton and Co. was formed with the intention of offering only the best window cleaning service available within the residential, commercial and industrial areas addressing all your window cleaning needs. We are highly driven by client satisfaction and we are proud of our workmanship and employ only the most trustworthy staff.

As a window cleaning service, attention to detail is highly important to us. We get into every corner, nook, cranny and wipe down the edges of the glass as this would be a practice of delivering a high standard of service to our clients.

Reliability is a common issue with most businesses in this industry, it is also the key to a long lasting working relationship. We will ensure your property is cleaned on a reliable schedule. All our vehicles and staff uniforms are visible with the company logo and all of the staff are also fully employed and trained to excel in the window cleaning industry.

Weather Conditions

Should the weather be too inclement to work, for example, heavy rain with wind, every effort will be made to accommodate the customer at the earliest possible date. However this is not always possible and one may have to wait for the following cycle date.


On arrival we will need instant access to water and all windows. Should the customer make any alterations or renovations, we will need to be informed prior to the next cleaning date, we can then Assess if any price change is necessary. This would include house painting, fitting of awnings, enclosing balconies, landscaping etc.

Fixtures and Fittings

Opening and closing of blinds and curtains, moving of furniture etc should be done by your own staff. Whilst we are willing to do this ourselves we cannot accept liability for damage to these sometimes delicate items, as we have no control over or knowledge of inherit wear and tear. Whilst every precaution will be taken, Ashton & Co, Window Cleaning cannot be held liable for any consequential damage.

Water Usage

Example: we only use 9 Lt. of water once a month to clean a 4 bedroom house. That’s the equivalent of a 300 ml glass of water per day. Not too bad for nice clean windows.

You will receive a complimentary SMS reminder the day before we arrive at your premises.


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