Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Milnerton

window cleaning milnerton

As a business your overall appearance is highly important. Dirty windows will immediately have a negative impact on your customers and staff. With Ashton & Co you can experience a clean freshness about the workplace when the windows have been professionally washed, reflecting the positive atmosphere your business deserves. When it comes to cleaning a window, especially in the commercial areas you have to be weary of your surroundings, as commercials areas are generally filled with a lot of people and getting in the way of your clients customers is the last thing you want to do. We carry out internal and external traditional window cleaning with minimal disturbance to your daily operations. Our professional team of trained window cleaners are supervised throughout the entire process until the job is completed. Ashton & Co strive to provide the best window cleaning that Milnerton has come across.

Window Cleaning in Milnerton and Surrounding Areas

If your business is in desperate need of proper window cleaning, we will gladly offer you our competitive pricing and outstanding workmanship. Something all window cleaning companies should take into consideration is where their target market is located, and how efficiently they will be able to service the needs of that targeted market. We take all our clients and potential clients into consideration by servicing small, medium and large businesses in the Milnerton and surrounding areas.

Our Commercial Window Cleaning services extend to:

  • Shopping Centres, Business Parks, Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Garages, Factories, Complexes, Atriums
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, Conference Centres
  • Restaurants, Pubs, Galleries, Health and Leisure Centres
  • Government Buildings, Historical Buildings
  • Hospitals, Medical and Dental Offices, Nursing Homes
  • Churches, Colleges, Universities, Schools
  • Consulates, Security Estates and Train Stations

We also offer an extensive service for the cleaning of stained glass in churches, including full re-leading restoration by an English Heritage-approved Master Craftsman Mr. Malcolm Ashton. 


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